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A Classic Rock Album new for 2012
2012-04-22 Earth Day, the site is seeded and ready to grow, keep coming back, and watering it with comments
2012-04-15  Auspicious US Date China and US available for listening and purchasing on major US sellers cdbaby, Amazon, Google Play, Itunes, and others Listen!
2012-04-01 Auspicious US Date  China and US album complete
This is the story of a band that never was. They met and played in the sixties but screwed around and never finished any music they started. Now they've gotten back together and actually finished recording. China and US is an evolving multimedia project about the band but mostly about their adventures crossing the states and China. The songs reflect the places and people they met. A series of interviews with the band will connect the dots. It's not the whole story of China and US but it's their story. The story will unfold online over the next year. 

China and US Front Cover

China and US Front Cover

The storytelling begins now and here.

This is the story. Some kids met in the sixties and became friends over music. They formed a band but never played a real concert, never released an album, never finished anything. Life, egos, fears, and whatever got in the way. Over the years they tried and failed each time until now. They asked me to tell the story. I don't know why I agreed.


TBJKC Band Photo

China and US Back Cover

China and US Back Cover

The Story

First Interview

We're all sitting around a large table high above the skyline in a luxurious corporate board room. The right wall is all windows leaving the room dwarfed by the open sky. Someone has left water, coffee, and snacks. There are microphones in front of each chair and one overhead. I'm looking down at the ebony table top that reflects each of their faces with a mirror like clarity. TB is stretched out in the chair to my left in a beige work shirt, jeans, and hiking boots. He's stroking his gray beard staring at the sky. Robby is next to him sitting quietly and smiling at the others. In his polo shirt and khakis he could be ready for the golf course. Ledd has pushed up to the opposite end of the table with Julie at his side. He's muttering to her and of course she just smiles back at him. The Rev is sitting upright facing the door with his hands under the table. You can't see any expression behind his dark glasses, beard, and gray flat cap. We're waiting for Jason, but of course he had a call to take. I told him I needed a formal interview with the band to kick off the release of China and US and he finally found the time. I've known these people most of my life and I don't if I should laugh or cry.

Jason strides into the room waving a quick hello to everyone. “Ready, let's get started.” He settles back in the chair across from TB. He's dressed in an expensive looking thin black suit jacket over a black pullover. He looks at TB then nods at the others before he turns to me. “Okay, Bob?”

BS: Okay. Yes, lets get started. This is the interview with Jason K, TB, Ledd Diesko, the Reverend, and Robby. You're going by the TB with JK and the Corporation. Is that right?

TB: Today

RS: Don't count on tomorrow

JK: You can never count on tomorrow. That's too long of a name, call us TBJKC, and you forgot to mention Julie.

Julie smiles and shakes her head. She's tall, thin, with long light brown hair. We've all known her almost as long as we've known each other. As usual she dresses with a simple sophistication. She would look at home anyplace except with Ledd but there she is.

BS Sorry Julie I was talking about band members. I know you're here with Ledd

JK She might as well be a member of the band just a non performing member. A muse perhaps.

Julie smiles and nods everybody just stares at her until Led speaks up

LD Frack, I still say we should be Ledd’s Sex Circus.

Here we go...

To be continued later

Band Photo
The Band

The Songs

Boo Hoo
Manchu Girl
All the Things
My Buddha
I am a Mouse
China Rocks